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There’s no substitute for comprehensive, collaborative, and nuanced expertise.

Our promise extends beyond just delivering results: we build relationships. We function as your trusted partner – timely, thorough, inclusive, creative, and a pleasure to work with.

Whether you’re diving into a research project, crafting strategy, writing reports, building individual and team efficacy, or cultivating participatory action, we’re your go-to service. If you’re looking for a dynamic collaborator in healthcare, education, or social policy initiatives, or a coach and ‘thinking partner’ to ask powerful questions as you move through transition and change, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

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Every situation is unique. We have a palette of services--from consulting to individual and team coaching--from which we create optimal solutions custom designed to meet your needs.

Participatory & Engaged
Group Experiences

Partner with us to co-create pathways for meaningful engagement. We offer change leadership and management to navigate pivotal shifts and build consensus by synthesizing collaborators' perspectives. We create community development initiatives, design policy and service models, and build governance structures that resonate with and uplift your community or organization's unique needs. We support strategic planning to shape your vision and promote operational excellence. Our meeting and event facilitation ensures your gatherings are both seamless and impactful, and we design and deliver synchronous and asynchronous, virtual and in-person  sessions, workshops, and educational events, recognizing the evolving landscape of learning and enagement.

Research, Writing & Analysis

We pride ourselves on our deft ability to identify, synthesize and interpret pertinent information. We delve into academic findings, grey literature, and experiential evidence to ensure a comprehensive grasp on any subject. Our expertise extends to literature and scoping reviews, as well as crafting research-based reports grounded in rigorous analysis. Recognizing the invaluable insights that emerge from direct interaction, we employ participatory methods, from interviews to World Cafes and other group engagements, in both face-to-face and virtual spaces. Partner with us to ensure that your research journey is thorough, meaningful, and impeccably presented.

Project Management

Through careful attention to process and leadership, we steer projects with precision and foresight, managing time and resources to optimize efficiency and impact. Not just limited to the planning phase, our oversight continues throughout the project’s lifecycle, ensuring seamless and responsive administration, and punctual and effective completion of deliverables. Recognizing the unique needs and aspirations of each client, we tailor and implement processes that serve your specific strategic objectives. Partnering with us ensures a streamlined, strategic, engaged and proactive approach to project management.


Through a multi-method approach, with an emphasis on qualitative research and exploration, we deliver comprehensive evaluation that embraces and amplifies the nuances of each project. Recognizing the importance of ongoing assessment, we provide developmental (formative) evaluations designed to critically assess both processes and progress, to share learning as it happens, and to support success at every phase of a project. Our summative evaluations delve deeper into recognizing impact, identifying how outcomes align with expectations, and helping clients use evidence to decide what to do next. Partner with us and together we’ll follow your curiosity to discover your impact and optimize your results.

Organizational & Team Coaching

Supporting groups and teams in organizational settings to build effective relationships, enhance performance, and optimize cooperation and collaboration.

Engaging employees and leaders around topics such as:

  • Building strong teams
  • Visioning and planning strategy
  • Growing and sustaining organizations
  • Creating and evolving governance
  • Developing established and emerging leaders
  • Understanding power dynamics and relationships
  • Implementing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Re-orienting toxic or harmful workplaces


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Individual Coaching

Supporting individuals through transition and change with active listening, compassionate witnessing, and thinking partnership.

Creating a space for you to learn and explore next steps. Supporting people with:

  • Developing leadership skills and capacity
  • Evolving professional identities and objectives
  • Achieving challenging goals (for example, completing an academic program or project, changing careers, handling power differentials, managing professional failure and shame, and more)
  • Navigating personal and professional transitions
  • Experiencing and recovering from burnout
  • Enduring or recovering from workplace toxicity and harm


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Alisa Harrison, PhD, ACC, COC


Alisa (she/her) has dedicated her career to fostering positive and strategic systemic change. Equipped with an extensive academic and professional portfolio, Alisa is a trusted resource in mental health and primary care policy and leadership. She champions intersectional, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed approaches, as well as participatory methods in research and organizational development.

With a vibrant career spanning multiple roles — from building organizations, leading change initiatives, and crafting strategy to coaching individuals and teams, researching and writing, and teaching at major universities in the US and Canada — Alisa brings her passion for guiding individuals and groups through challenges. Her deep-seated commitment to others' success and belief in collaborative achievements stems from her experience supporting clients in the non-profit and public sectors through consulting, advising, engagement, and policy development.


Appreciation For My Work

Alisa has deep knowledge of BC's Mental Health, Primary Care, and Integrated Primary and Community systems of care, at the macro and micro levels, from rural to urban. She is collaborative and has worked effectively with teams including representatives from Social Ministries, Health Authorities, academia, health care professionals, community agencies and more. Her management skills are excellent, allowing her to establish credibility and trust with a wide variety of stakeholders. She has demonstrated vital change-management skills that enable buy-in, and her written work is high-quality, concise, accurate and easy to read with a strong story line. Alisa is an excellent listener who can tailor communications for any audience, and whose passion, credibility, and flexibility make her a real pleasure to work with.

Gerrit van der Leer // Director (retired) - Mental Health & Substance Use // BC Ministry of Health

As an Executive Coach, I know that Alisa is there to support me with the challenges, issues, and growth I am faced with. She coaches me, not the problem or issue I am having. She provides me with a safe place to be vulnerable and explore the situations I am faced with. Alisa is an excellent thinking partner that I highly recommend to everyone.

Lana Bavle // Founder // LTB Leadership Services

We retained Alisa's services to support the development and preparation of a complex application for funding that involved a partnered submission with a number of key elements still to be determined, compounded by a short time-line for completion. Despite these challenges Alisa was able to quickly focus our partnership on the work to be resolved and was able to weave together multiple inputs from various sources. Alisa's ability to both analyze and address the ongoing changes was remarkable and we  greatly benefited from her skilled approach. Despite the challenges we were able to deliver a clear and credible application within the stated time frame. Her roles encompassed that of facilitator, conflict resolver, researcher, analyzer, innovator and writer and we were very lucky she was able to support us so capably at a time of significant need.

Denise Ralph & Carole Gillam // Leads // Richmond Primary Care Network




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